3 Criteria For Choosing Your Best Hosting Companies

Choosing a provider for enterprise server hosting should never be random. Its ability to protect data, the availability of its technicians and especially its storage capacity are selection criteria that should not be overlooked. This article will show criteria to choose the hosting companies for your business.

3 Criteria For Choosing Your Best Hosting Companies

1.    The storage capacity

Since the site will contain many elements, the storage capacity of the enterprise server hosting provider must be a priority criterion of choice. In general, the number of pages and its content must be taken into account.

For information, the average weight of a page consists of two photos is 0.1 MB. For 1000 pages, it takes a space of 100 MB. In the case where the site includes videos, music as well as other files that may weigh it down, a minimum storage of 10 GB should be considered.

2. The level of data security

At a time when cybercrime is becoming increasingly important, it is also important to find a web host that can properly protect the company’s data. Indeed, the accessibility of the Internet is both an advantage and a concern for its users since the sites are never safe from hackers.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, think about finding a reliable enterprise server hosting provider that offers data backup, Secure File Transfer Protocol (for data security when downloading) and server support . In addition to this, the key element in securing data is the SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate, which is used to encrypt data when it is transmitted from one system to another.

3. The availability of customer service technicians

In addition to data security, to choose a corporate server hosting provider, the responsiveness of customer service is very important since the answers must be fast. Indeed, we must ensure that he remains reachable by phone 24h / 24h throughout the week. He must also be able to reply to e-mails and messages at any time.

For information, an available host is one that has powerful servers and stable connections. Indeed, a dysfunction of the site can have negative repercussions on the image of the company and at the same time on the behavior of the customers.

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