5 Basic Functions Of CRM Software

CRM software, also known as customer relationship management software, helps businesses capture customer information in an optimal way to have the best business development direction. 5 of the many functions of CRM software are important points businesses are looking for. Keep reading the following post to know these 5 functions!

5 Basic Functions Of CRM Software

1. Store information

CRM software allows users to view, read and download document files in many different formats. In addition, the software can also decentralize to employees of the company and ensure absolute security, so it is very beneficial for businesses because there is no need to set up small and sporadic data files.

If the enterprise is storing customer information with books, excel and inconvenient because it is difficult to update customers for a long time, the level of risk is high or the system is CRM, the function of storing information again giving customers much more convenient information control.

2. Customer care

Using CRM software helps businesses take care of customers better when it can receive sales information via email; interact with customers via email marketing, SMS and IP PBX; make an appointment, automatically remind customers; regularly update the situation of customer care; monitor the work of each salesperson; update and send messages to congratulate customers on holidays, birthdays …

3. Managing employees

Although CRM is a customer management software, it has more functions as personal management because it helps enterprises to control the daily work and progress of each employee so that it can easily assess the performance of their employees.

In addition, the sharing of customer information between departments is also a very useful tool because if the marketing department searches for customers but the sales department does not care well, the CRM system helps businesses quickly find points out the shortcomings in our staff.

4. Create financial statements

CRM allows users to create reports as well as design, customize reports that suit businesses. Reports can be viewed directly on software or exported in different formats. For example, in the field of auto sales, report charts are built-in CRM software such as:

  • Sales analysis by elective period
  • Report business opportunities according to potential customers
  • Create a detailed chart for each milestone
  • Business reports with each of the different areas will be built by CRM software to match that area.

5. Marketing and sales support

CRM is very useful in offering marketing solutions because it supports marketing to reach customers and create potential customers to sell products quite easily.

In addition, CRM software can analyze customer data so businesses can rely on analysis to make a more accurate target approach. When transactions are done with customers and the customers you care about are carefully analyzed, it is much easier to meet their needs and sales.

The Last Word

Above are 5 important functions of CRM software that every business should know. However, CRM also has many other functions to help businesses such as planning work, contacting customers/partners. CRM system will surely be a “left arm” for businesses.

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