6 Reliable Addresses On The Internet For Software Download

There are now many websites that allow computer users to access and download utility software for free. However, most of these websites are quite dangerous, because it is impossible to guess whether the software you downloaded from there is “genuine”? Therefore, in order to compete for potential dangers on sites that offer free software on the internet, you should take precautions and only trust to use reputable websites when you want to download certain free software. If the reader is wondering whether to visit the website that specializes in providing free software, you can refer to the following suggestions.

6 Reliable Addresses On The Internet For Software Download

1. MajorGeeks

Although the interface is somewhat boring like in the 90s, you may not know that MajorGeeks is one of the most reputable free software download sites for over 15 years.

At any time, MajorGeeks also received several thousand online visits and service usage. As can be seen, choosing MajorGeeks to download the software is absolutely a very wonderful and safe suggestion.

2. Ninite

This is a fairly popular website and is trusted by many computer users to download the software. Ninite provides users with a list of popular free software to choose from.

Once you’ve selected it, simply download the “primer” installation package. Then launch this file, next you need to do is simply wait for the program to download and install the software you selected earlier.

Ninite software data source is very safe and secure so users do not need to worry about installing “wrong” malware or spyware.

3. Softpedia

You probably won’t be surprised with Softpedia right? This is considered one of the largest free software hosting and provisioning websites today. With more than 850,000 files in the database and regularly updated, along with the number of users who visit regularly up to millions, surely you will not have to worry about “quality” of links and Is the software available from Softpedia?

4. Download Crew

Although somewhat difficult for the first time to use, in return, Download Crew also provides users with additional information about trial reviews, copyright information, software advantages and disadvantages in a fairly brief and easy to understand way.

The software here is organized in very specific groups, in addition, you can learn and download applications or software for popular operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

5. FilePuma

FilePuma and FileHippo have many similarities. It seems they are only different in each name. However, it seems that FilePuma is somewhat easier to use because in each category group there are specific software related lists that are somewhat easier to use than FileHippo.

Besides, FilePuma also provides an Update Detector tool to check and update the new version of the software you have installed on your computer. This can be considered as a very safe alternative to FileHippo’s tool if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work.

6. FileHippo

FileHippo is a famous website with over 20,000 software, categorized into 16 groups for Windows, Mac, and Web.

FileHippo’s software data is updated quite often and all have clear information attached. In addition, FileHippo also provides an Update Checker tool to scan and check for new versions of software installed on your computer.

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