6 Tips For Choosing Your Cloud Hosting

Security is one of the major concerns of companies. Especially, how to choose a good cloud hosting with high security is always a big issue. This article offers some key points to choose your hosting and have a highly secure cloud for its data and applications. Here are 6 tips that will help you choose your cloud hosting.

6 Tips For Choosing Your Cloud Hosting

1. Transparency

The company will work with its cloud hosting for a period often indefinite. A relationship of trust must exist even before the contract is signed. As a customer, the company must have the answers to all its questions as:

The place where the data are hosted: This makes it possible to check whether the data are in a risk datacenter or to validate that they are in the country for legal reasons.

2. Be able to perform audits

Companies are entitled to perform audits, it is even one of the recommendations of the CNIL to ensure the confidentiality of data.

The conditions for carrying out the audit are indicated on the initial contract between the company and the host. The company can rely on an external provider to carry out audits. Some hosts offer automatic audit tools in their offers.

3. Security

It is essential for the company to discuss the subject of security with its host: What are the means implemented to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data?

Hosting providers generally offer a minimum security level such as Anti-DDoS or Firewall. But some security bricks may be optional as the Web Application Firewall depending on the customer context.

A host who has a security offer is often a strong signal: This indicates that security experts are present within the provider.

4. Certifications

Some hosts have made the choice of certification: They exist different certifications that can be recognized as HDS (Hosting of health data) or the ISO27001 certification. Undertaking this type of approach shows that the provider has identified the risks related to his environment and that he is committed to managing the security of the information system on a daily basis.

5. Find the right balance between cost and security

The cost is an essential element in the decision making on the choice of the provider. We can not have the butter and the pie!

Certifications processes, security systems and experts in their field require a significant investment for the provider. We must, therefore, pay attention to offers that may seem particularly enticing.

6. Emphasize the human

An online ordering system and a proximity relationship are two completely compatible elements. Accompanying remains a key element for a successful migration or startup of a cloud project. Knowing the men and women who will be responsible for the data and applications of the company is also a very reassuring key point.

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