Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cpanel Management Software In Web Administration

Currently, Cpanel management software is very popular with Linux operating system users with quite a lot of flexible and powerful features that make the website can be managed easily and smartly by webmasters. But for many people, it is still quite vague about the concept of “What is Cpanel?” So the following article will help you understand more and Cpanel tool.

Advantages and disadvantages of Cpanel management software in web administration

What is Cpanel?

Cpanel is the leading website management system on the Linux server operating system platform, the program is a control panel that helps you to store websites, manage and perform many operations with files, mail, application, of the website. Cpanel provides you with a simple graphical interface that can be flexibly carried out for easy operation.

With websites designed with WordPress source code, Linux Hosting is the first choice, so Cpanel is quite familiar and sticking with professional WordPress website designers.

Currently, Cpanel has been upgraded with many utilities for users to become the most powerful website control panel today. In addition, the security system of Cpanel also outperforms other current web management systems. You can absolutely secure the information on the website most safely. However, for beginners to learn what Cpanel is, this program is quite “cumbersome” and somewhat troublesome.

Advantages and disadvantages of Cpanel

Cpanel is being evaluated by experts as the best web administration tool available on Linux servers. The program supports a lot of advantages for web administrators to use easily, but there are also some disadvantages. We will point out the advantages and disadvantages of Cpanel in the following article:


Easy to learn:

This is the most obvious because you only need an electronic device with an internet connection, it is possible to find a lot of information about Cpanel tool and lots of video tutorials detailing the steps and how to use Cpanel. Currently, the largest source of information is Google, which allows you to easily learn without any difficulties.

Easy to use:

It is natural because Cpanel is created so that you can easily manage your website, the system provides a control panel with the bright and extremely easy-to-see interface. The items used by the icon are quite simple but clearly state the utility of each item. Cpanel uses an easy-to-use interface that provides the most user-friendly hands-on experience.

Save time:

The highlight of the program is that the users respond very quickly without waiting for fatigue to the user. Special advantages in “File Manager” design allow you to quickly upload, add, edit, delete, on the host easily without causing trouble for users like other tools.

It has been thoroughly tested:

Before being delivered to consumers, Cpanel has been thoroughly tested by experts, evaluated and appraised by many experts in the hope of bringing the best products to people.

There is an automatic installer:

The Cpanel tool can be installed very easily and quickly without too many complicated options.


Many features are not needed:

It can be said that Cpanel is a web management tool with many outstanding features but there are features that administrators can never touch will waste money.

Can accidentally change the important parameters:

Designed to bring the best experience but now that is the biggest advantage of Cpanel, may accidentally mistakenly change the parameters important and difficult to retrieve

Some hosts run the old Cpanel version:

Currently, Cpanel has the latest upgrade, but to the consumer is still quite small, most of the long-term users still keep the old interface and are afraid to change.

More expensive:

Because cPanel usually does not include free hosting packages.

The Bottom Line

Compared with the above advantages, the disadvantages are not too troublesome for consumers. But surely in the coming time, Cpanel will overcome the disadvantages that are not worth it and bring a great experience to consumers. Through the above article, we hope you can understand what the concept of Cpanel is, and hope to provide useful information to you

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