Choose The Best VPS To Run The Game

The gaming industry is a huge industry, and millions of gamers are enjoying their favorite games every day, creating an inexpensive source of income for game makers. However, it is not easy to operate a game that attracts players. In particular, choosing the best VPS to run the game is also a great concern for game makers. How should you choose VPS to meet the needs of the game and profit for the game? Here, I would like to share with you some ways to choose your desired VPS.

Choose The Best VPS To Run The Game


Of course, this is one of the top factors when you choose the best VPS to run the game. The configuration here includes CPU, RAM, SSD hard drive … The choice of configuration depends on many factors such as the configuration of the game, the number of players, the game usually organize events or not. However, according to my experience, a game with average configuration Mu as the number of players around a few hundred, you need to have 2 cores CPU, 2GB RAM and hard drive SSD about 40GB Modern Software

You should choose vendors that offer state-of-the-art security and anti-attack services such as anti-DDoS, advanced operating systems such as Cloudlinux and Cpanel.

Server Administration System

When choosing a VPS service provider, make sure that they provide the following server administration services: handle errors on the server, support shutdown, reboot, or check for errors on VPS, Control Panel…The provider must assure support for your system anytime, anywhere.

Technical Assistance

In parallel with server administration, you need technical support from your service provider. This is a very important point if you are looking for the best VPS service provider to run the game. There is nothing worse when your system encounters errors while you can not get any support from the technical team. Especially for the gaming industry when the gamers can completely online at any time and willing to drop into another game if not to game.

Upgrade Support

What if you want to upgrade your server or run more games while your service provider offers only one VPS and cannot be upgraded?

Choose a service provider with different VPS packages to support you in case you need more resources for upgrading or expanding your game. And make sure that upgrading to servers with larger resources should be smooth, fast with the lowest downtime possible.


Price is the last but not least important factor in choosing the best VPS service to run the game. Cheap VPS packages often do not meet all the requirements of gamers because of lack of support and modern technology.

However, you can not invest all your money just in a VPS or server. Make sure you select the right service provider for the right price and best support.

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