DirectAdmin And Cpanel Management Software

Hosting is an important part of your success and when it comes to your hosting account, you need to make the best choice between DirectAdmin and cPanel management software. Both use the control panel to store and provide administrative options to manage all parts of your hosting account. One of the two management software is definitely better than the other, but before we realize it, it’s necessary to understand what both offer.

DirectAdmin And Cpanel Management Software


As a paid dashboard, which requires copyright, DirectAdmin is one of the best choices you’ll find. You need a paid dashboard (most hosting companies offer a control panel) because the simple free control panel does not give you the safety and features required for the most project.

This is one of the easiest to use dashboards and provides access to webmail, admin options, your file management and more. When you log in, you will notice, everything is laid out for you on one screen. This makes it easy to find what you are looking for in the management area.


The best dashboard on the market is cPanel. cPanel wins the battle of DirectAdmin vs.. cPanel. It’s another paid dashboard and most of the best hosting companies offer cPanel with your account. Features and ease of use make cPanel one of the best choices on the internet for beginners and advanced users. Beginners will find cPanel for easy navigation and unlike DirectAdmin, cPanel splits features into categories, making them easier to find. CPanel also offers more features and additions than DirectAdmin.

The Main Difference Between Directadmin And Cpanel

DirectAdmin and cPanel are very similar, but also very different. Both offer a server configuration framework and user interface, but DirectAdmin is a bit better about the work to be done in the original shell. CPanel, on the other hand, provides almost all configurations and functions in the user interface. This makes it easier to use and more suitable for all user levels.

Why Is Cpanel Hosting Free With Your Account?

When you sign up for a hosting account, you will most likely be choosing cPanel as your control panel. This is provided to you as a feature of your service pack because the best hosting companies understand how powerful cPanel is when compared to DirectAdmin and other dashboard options. DirectAdmin can match a small percentage of users, while cPanel is suitable for all types of users.

The popularity of cPanel makes it popular with large hosting companies and it is not expensive. The cPanel reputation gained will help keep their marketing budgets down, making it a very good choice for budget savvy users. Along with all the features and low cost, cPanel offers many online tutorials, how-to tutorials, discussion forums and more. Because it is such a popular option, useful resources are found all over the internet whenever you have questions

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