Disadvantages of Godaddy Hosting You Might Not Know

Godaddy is proud to be the world’s largest domain and hosting provider, with over 70 million active domain names and millions of companies using Godaddy’s service for their websites. With a long history of establishment and development, Godaddy always takes quality and customer experience to the forefront.

Disadvantages of Godaddy Hosting You Might Not Know

Godaddy has existed for more than 20 years to date, but since 2010, after experiencing achievements and awards from the community, plus the explosion of internet technology with images. Advertising form branded Godaddy. At that time, it seems that we are more widely known. Goddady hosting has a lot of advantages that most users love choosing it. However, everything has two sides and this hosting service is no exception.

Here are several disadvantages Godaddy you should know:

The high cost of renewal

Godaddy only has a promotional offer for the first time and does not apply to future extensions. If you want to renew your subscription for Godaddy,  may even be higher than normal. Specifically when the hosting package $ 1 / month in the first year, from the second year you continue to use the price range of $ 40.

Domain and database are limited

This is Godaddy’s second disadvantage, when using the service at the cheapest package you will be limited by some features. You only use 1 domain, the database is allowed to use up to 3 databases. If your website is not in high demand then this issue is not worth mentioning, but in the long run, you need to consider carefully.

The page load speed is not good

As mentioned above, if your website is not in great demand, and the visitor is not high. These problems can be ignored, however, if you have the cheapest service, do not demand too high quality.


Is Hosing Godaddy good?

After analyzing and evaluating the details of the service at Godaddy, the question is whether to use hosting and domain at Godaddy or not? The answer should be yes. When you are new to the site should choose Godaddy as the first destination, it is enough for you to experience the knowledge, experience, sure you will not see the mistake.

Assuming that after a period of use you feel unhappy about Godaddy, then it seems like an experience to learn, anyway it is not worth it. Unfortunately, using the service at other providers is expensive, while the quality of service is not much less than it regrets it.

Who should use Godaddy hosting service?

Anyone can use the service at Godaddy, however, to suit the needs and purpose of using the following tips as follows, these are the objects should use hosting services at Godaddy:

– Beginners learn about the website, especially WordPress. This will be the environment for you to study, expand the skills of website design. You can unleash the power to improve your level of expertise.

– People who are learning or building web projects, or related knowledge, are both opportunities for you to own and learn on an enhanced platform.

– Participants make money online with the website, be it Google Adsense, affiliate (affiliate marketing). The service at Godaddy is enough to accompany your passions on that MMO path.

– Small personal blogs: cannot be ignored by people who want to develop a personal blog, or share something, there are many ways you can show Godaddy.

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