Hostmantis – The Cheap Hosting For Students

The need to own a website, blog gradually became popular especially for those who are students. However, not everyone can afford to buy domain hosting. The solution is to use free hosting services. This is acceptable if you use the web or blog for research purposes. If you want it as a business tool or to make money online, this option does not seem very good. Because sometimes this hosting service is free now but it is not sure it will be free later, or to use it free but its ads on your site.

Hostmantis – The Cheap Hosting For Students

Therefore, many cheap hosting services for students, students have been born. The price to maintain quite cheap, even with just 1$/ month you already have the hosting to do web. Personally, I find that cheap hosting services for students are often reduced a lot of things: capacity (bandwidth and number of domain add-ons.

In this article, I will guide the students to register a very cheap hosting service that quality is not extremely good. The hosting I want to share with you is Hostmantis.

Advantages of Hostmantis

  • The first thing to mention is the cheap, only from $ 1.29 per month, with ongoing promotions.
  • It can offer fast support, you just create a ticket and about 1 hour later have received feedback.
  • Many locations to choose from include the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Canada and Singapore
  • Allowed within 30 days of refund if you are not satisfied
  • Uptime is 99.9%.
  • Support for adult content. This one is probably a service that the other providers have not advertised yet but Hostmantis accepts you to use hosting for adult content

Disadvantages Of Hostmantis

I have mentioned a lot of the advantages, then it is the time for an of disadvantages

  • Server configuration is not high
  • Payment in other countries is required to send the ticket to active
  • Often there are discount codes that cause us to lose more money to buy

The Bottom Line

With the above information, do you see that Hostmantis is suitable for your needs and is the ideal hosting that you are looking for? Do not hesitate anymore, let try this cheap hosting service and enjoy its amazing benefits. Good luck!

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