How To Avoid The Risk Of Purchasing A Cheap VPS Hosting

The facts show that if you buying a cheap VPS hosting, you are more likely to cope with risks than using service from an expensive one. However, this does not mean that you have to stop using your current VPS service. What you should do is to prepare well to be ready in any situation

How To Avoid The Risk Of Purchasing A Cheap VPS Hosting

Have your own account payment method

If we are going to be in the network, if we often need to buy some IDC virtual products, we must find a way to handle the payment method ourselves. The application for PAYPAL is relatively simple, even if there is no balance, you can find someone to redeem. Credit card credits require certain conditions, such as the need to have a work certificate, which is more troublesome for students. For example, when the old left has no credit card, the Payoneer card is used, but the annual fee is about $29. If it is not used often, it may not be worthwhile.

Look for reputable businesses

Whether it is a business that the online store is looking for, we must learn to identify the credibility of the business. In some cases, the risk factors that are often too cheap are greater. Similarly, we need to carefully read the description of the purchasing product. For example, when we purchase Linode, we need to check how long the store asks for renewal. If it is not renewed for a long time, the account will be deleted.

What should you do if you have a dispute?

For the description of the friend in the group, their VULTR account was locked because of the payment method and the account needs to be verified. If the other party does not provide a verification account, we can completely resolve the refund. We only need to provide the reason for the locked account, and by communicating with the official, confirmed that the payment made by this account will be returned to the purchaser’s account in a few days. This evidence can completely find the amount you paid through the appeal.


In short, the various forms on the Internet seem to be very happy for everyone to talk about. In fact, each has its own ideas. We need to keep a clear mind and recognize the skills of the scammers so that we can survive.

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