How To Save Bandwidth For Hosting

Hosting Bandwidth is a headache for websites with relatively high traffic. Easy bandwidth makes the content creator for the web do not have to worry about the situation of fast speed at the beginning of the month and low speed at the end of the month

How To Save Bandwidth For Hosting

Many cases, on the 20th or 25th of the month, have been announced by the hosting provider that you spend up bandwidth. Of course in this situation, either you must immediately buy a higher hosting package (which means more money) or accept the website when accessing, you only see the big text “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” and there is nothing else!

At this time, saving bandwidth is a top priority because it does not require additional cost from you. The principle of saving is not to use things that are not really needed. Here are some ways:

The complex web interface makes the site more appealing with a lot of live effects, but it also requires more bloated downloads (including CSS, Javascript, jQuery, images …), so you have to consider between beautiful interface and bandwidth.

In most cases, bandwidth is the most important thing, so you should only use the image where it’s needed, with the right image size – the bigger the image, the more expensive it is. For example, if you see an image with only 400px width, while your image is 1200px, then you need some software (the simplest is Paint default in Windows) to bring about the desired size.

Unmatched quality compression also needs to be considered, especially with PNG images, which can be reduced to 50%. JPG images usually only reduce from 10% to 20%.

If the image is on your hosting, then you should do anti-hotlink to prevent stealing bandwidth.

Uploading pictures to your own hosting is better for SEO, but if you find that photos take up too much bandwidth, then use the third-party photo hosting services like Photobucket, Flickr, Google+.

The bandwidth occupies a negligible amount, so if you need to write anything, keep writing, do not do the slogans to save bandwidth.

Compress before loading the page – if you know WinRAR or 7zip, then this is almost the same, the site will be compressed before downloading and then expand for you to view. Most browsers support decompressing, so you’re safe, and the decompression speed is fast.

Adding a very important mechanism that you need to intervene – that is, increasing the cache time of the client browser with the content from your page. This is useful for regular readers visiting the web. The way to do is to change a bit in .htaccess file … The .htaccess file has many good, help you adjust the hosting in the most convenient way.


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