List Of Computer Software You Must Have

After purchasing a laptop, what you should do is to install the basic software needed to easily do the latter. Installing the basic software to make it easier to use advanced tasks when buying a laptop is a necessary and required action. What software should you have? Let discover them by reading the following information:

List Of Computer Software You Must Have

1. The web browsers

In the age of technology, people use the internet to read the news, communicate with friends, install and use a Web browser is indispensable. The default is to have Microsoft EDGE installed, but you can try out other software such as Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera.Each software has different advantages and disadvantages. Google Chrome is a fast, easy-to-use internet browser, offering great synchronization but a lot of system resources. FireFox is lightweight, fast, secure, and has a huge collection of extensions. Opera is more inferior to Chrome and FireFox but has built-in features such as speed up browsing, popups, pop-ups.

3. Driver Update Software: Easy Driver, Driver Booster

To ensure stable PC performance, we need to update drivers regularly. You can find and download the drivers of your computer on the manufacturer’s homepage, but this will take time. So you should use the driver update software to update the driver automatically.There are many driver update software for typical Windows computers such as Driver Easy, Driver Booster…

4. Security and antivirus software

Security and antivirus are always issues that are of interest to Windows users. So, installing your antivirus software on your computer is a must.In addition to the default antivirus software is Windows Defender, there are many popular third-party antivirus software such as Avast, Avira, AVG, BitDefender, Kaspersky … If Windows Defender is not worth your requirements. Then try these types of software.

5. Office suite: Microsoft Office, WPS Office

When you download a document on your network and want to view and edit it, you must use the Office tools. So here is the software needed for Windows 10, 7, 8.1.Currently, Microsoft Office is the most popular office suite on Windows with many outstanding features compared to other software. Also, you can use other software with similar functionality and completely free like WPS Office …

The Bottom Line

Here is some basic software that helps to set up and get to know your computer better. Do you know any more software? Show me now!

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