Notes When Buying Cheap VPS Hosting

Previously, when it comes to VPS services, individual users often hesitate because of its expensive cost. However, recently, there have been more and more companies offering cheap VPS services with attractive, configurable packages that are relatively inexpensive, often a little costlier than shared hosting. Many VPS providers also regularly offer lifetime discount codes, with relatively large discounts.

Notes When Buying Cheap VPS Hosting

Although high prices do not always come with good quality, when choosing something to buy, see cheap, people doubt about its quality because the concept of “cheap is rancid”. In the server market, so do the hosting companies, besides some companies that provide cheap VPS has confirmed the prestige and brand … then many other companies quality services has not been verified. It is worth mentioning that these companies often have very cheap prices, worth considering for choice, may be cheap but the quality is good.Here are some of the issues that need attention when choosing a cheap VPS service, please refer to:

1. Virtualization Platform

Virtual Platform is a technology that VPS service providers use to partition a physical server into different virtual servers. Cheap VPSs are often virtualized on OpenVZ or KVM platforms. VPS KVMs are provided with separate resources to operate, thus requiring service providers to invest more in hardware, so the price is a bit more expensive. Often, the configuration of a VPS KVM is relatively quiet. In return, the service will be more stable and quality. is on the VPS KVM platform.VPS OpenVZ is usually cheaper, with more CPU and RAM configurations, but due to lack of separation in CPU allocations, memory should be easy to oversell or you might be locked out of the account if you use it. Too many resources are allocated. The companies offering cheap VPS OpenVZ are Ramnode, Iniz …In addition, some cheap VPS vendors use the VMware virtualization platform, but Xen configuration is usually very low (128 or 256 MB RAM).

2. Storage And Backup System

What hard drives are used by the server: hard disk drives, hard disks, and SSD caches. SSDs provide fast access speeds, but they are expensive, and the volume of hard drives sold is usually much lower than hard drives.Raid System: The speed and security of the data will be good if the server uses Raid 6 or Raid 10.You usually have to pay extra for backup services, but some companies may have free backups on a weekly basis. You must know this to schedule backups for your website.

3. Managed VPS or Unmanaged VPS

Often, cheap VPS is only offered as an unmanaged customer. Some companies offer additional VPS management services for you, but at a fairly high price.

4. Terms Of Use

You should take care of this before deciding to use the service of any company, especially if you plan to use VPS for sensitive purposes such as IRC, spam email, torrent … or content. Adults.

5. Try And Self-Evaluate

Cheap VPS services are usually relatively low priced and pay monthly. You should spend a little to buy a package and try it yourself before deciding to use the official. Anyway, the quality of VPS itself and the enthusiasm of Support is better than listening to others. For support, you can use some VPS performance evaluation tools such as UnixBench, VPS Bench, etc. Also, you can set up three sites, set up WpRobot, give it auto post continuously to test the possible Load-bearing capacity of VPS. You should create a few tickets and ask the team to support something to see what the service attitude is.

6. Evaluation

The community of the cheap VPS often concentrates on the information technology forums. You should consult the evaluation of these people.You should also find out about the service provider to see if it has been established for a long time, leaving a bad reputation? A startup company is hard to believe, but is that the start of an empire?

7. Term Of Payment

Choose companies that pay monthly, but do not bother asking for the refund when the incident occurred. Often, getting a refund of money takes time and effort.

8. Promotion

The bigger the discount, the better. Try searching on Google with the keyword “provider name” + coupon see before buying.

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