Server And Vps Hosting Comparison

Server services are increasingly developed by the demand of businesses increasingly. As well as being known, there are various types of server rental services, VPS virtual server rentals but many are still vague in choosing a server rental service or renting a VPS virtual server.In this post, I will help people have an easier view of the server and virtual server VPS.

Server And VPS Hosting Comparison

What Is VPS?

VPS is a type of server running on specific hardware and supporting devices, including: HDD, CPU, RAM, network card … Upgrading or changing the configuration of a particular server requires changes to the server hardware. .

VPS is a type of server that is made by using the virtualization technology, it is separated from a single server into multiple virtual servers. Virtual servers have the same features as a dedicated server, but run resource sharing from the original physical server. Upgrading or changing the configuration of the virtual private server is very simple, can be changed directly on the management software. However, changing the resources of the virtual server depends on the physical resources of the server.

The Similarities Between Virtual Private Server And Server


In the concept above, the virtual private server is essentially a server, so it has the same functions with a server.

Storage of data:

  • Create server system: web server, email server.
  • Create a link environment between computers
  • Create a shared environment

Stability and availability:

Virtual servers or servers are dependent on the physical computer hosting the server role. When a computer crashes, the entire system stops working and is likely to cause data loss.However, due to the different server and virtual server configurations, there are a number of differences between them: how it works, scalability, and cost.

Differences Between Virtual Private Server And Server

How it works:

The server is actually a physical machine and the virtual private server is the server that is created on that computer. In other words, the virtual private server is created from the server.

Ability of extension:

With the server, the ability to upgrade is very small because it is time-consuming and complex as it is related to hardware devices.With virtual private servers, the ability to upgrade is high because the virtual server only stops upgrading when the physical server is out of resources.


If you use the server, you will have to spend a lot of money on hardware investments, operating costs, system maintenance, data backup costs.If you use a virtual private server, you only pay for the VPS configuration, or if you rent a virtual server, you only pay the monthly or yearly rent.

The Bottom Line

The above information is a simple comparison of a server and VPS.Hope the article is useful for everyone, wish everyone will have the best choice!

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