Shared Hosts, Dedicated Servers And VPS Hosting Comparison

Today, hosting is no longer too strange for IT followers. On the market, there are many types of hosting services that make you awkward to choose. Therefore, this article will help you the better understanding of shared hosting, dedicated server, and VPS.

Shared Hosts, Dedicated Servers And VPS Hosting Comparison

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is understood as a service of web hosting where there are many websites located in a web server connected to the internet, you can imagine that a hosting provider will have a server located in the data center, the provider will split the resources available in the server to serve the user. If your website is not too heavy and has average traffic is not too high then this is a great choice for you because its cost is quite cheap compared to other services.


  • Price is much cheaper than other services
  • It is not too difficult to manage this service, it does not require you to have too much knowledge involved.


  • Due to the limited usage space, its configuration is not high
  • Since many people use the same server, it is vulnerable to local attacks if it is not highly secure
  • If the resources of the server are unreasonably divided will lead to a website running fast, have a slow website, if a website has a large amount of traffic, the remaining website will be slow.

Typical Hosting Services:

  • A2Hosting
  • HawkHost
  • Stable Host

Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Server is an advanced option for large websites or more resources than VPS. Dedicated Server means renting a separate server set up in the system, and the usage may be called VPS, but you will have more power, more resources, better security.


Abundant resources.

Install the operating system and software as you like.

Maximum security.


  • It is difficult to use.
  • In order to manage their servers, the cost of hiring managers can be half the rent.
  • Take charge of your data.

Typical Dedicated Server services:

  • OVH
  • InmotionHosting
  • Net

Virtual Private Server

A virtual server VPS is a type of service split from one server, each website seems to be put on a VPS server, but in fact, you are actually sharing this server with other different users. Each one also has the full right to access this VPS space.  Those want to have the better security, fast speed without investing in an independent server can take VPS into consideration.


  • High speed
  • Better security
  • Customizable, you can install or add any program, software you want


  • You cannot use VPS successfully if you do not have enough knowledge of computers as well as network management.
  • You pay a pretty expensive cost of about $ 45 to $ 100 per month for VPS management if you can not manage it by yourself.
  • You are solely responsible for the data stored there, especially you use the VPS backup service.

Typical VPS Services:

  • DigitalOcean
  • Linode

A2Hosting VPS

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