Should You Use Linux or Windows Virtual Private Server

VPS is divided into two popular types, they are Linux a Virtual Private Server and Windows Virtual Private Server. Each type of operating system has the different advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, those are newbie can find it is difficult to choose between two systems. In this post, I am going to give you the essential information about them and hope that you can know which one is the most suitable for your website. Keep reading to know.

Should You Use Linux or Windows Virtual Private Server

So What Is VPS?

VPS is the shortened name of the virtual private server. It is independent of others and is usually part of the physical server. A VPS operates as an operating system, allowing customer unlimitedly access to the system. Customers can install any software they want.

Linux and Windows VPS, Which One Is The Best?

This is an important question when choosing to use VPS. Here I will compare the advantages of these two operating systems to give you an overview of whether you should choose VPS Linux or VPS Windows. But remember that the decision is up to you. Think carefully.


Advantages of Linux VPS

When comparing the prices of two operating systems, Linux is a cheaper one, with open source and completely free. On the other hand, Windows requires the accompanying operating systems. Another reason why Linux is cheaper is that most applications for Linux are free. Therefore, if you choose to use Linux VPS, you can save a lot of money and spend it on other bigger investments.

Linux is much more flexible with its controller. While Plesk can be used on both Windows and Linux, CPanel is only compatible with Linux. That is also why Linux is a popular choice among business and website developers.

With open source, Linux is capable of doing well without being affected too much by malware and viruses. Meanwhile, Windows requires that you install a lot of security software to combat SQL attacks.

Advantages of Windows VPS

The main advantage of Windows VPS is the user-friendly interface and ease of use. Therefore, users who are not professionals in this field can still understand and use VPS easily without support from other people. For those new to VPS, Windows will be very useful, especially when you are used to using other Windows products.

If your business uses a large number of Windows software applications, Windows VPS may be a good choice for you. Website built with ASP.NET requires Windows VPS if you want to achieve maximum performance

The last advantage of Windows is the remote desktop access. You can directly access your VPS server from anywhere as well as there is the internet connection. This makes server management much simpler and easier than with Linux, which requires the SSH protocol.

Should You Choose Linux Or Windows VPS?

The answer is that it is up to you. If you want to enjoy the latest and the most modern VPS environment, you can consider the Windows VPS. On the contrary, if you own small website only and want to save your budget, Linux will not make you satisfied.

Where Should You Buy VPS?

In my experience, put the quality and stabilization as the first factors when choosing a reliable VPS provider, the next factor will be the price. Because if you choose the wrong VPS provider, you will always have a headache because the website is not accessible or you have to cope with different errors, loss of visitors.

With a good VPS provider, you do not have to spend time worrying about technical issues, just focus on content development, customer care, and website promotion. Therefore, using Linux or Windows VPS is not a big deal. What you need to do know is looking for your trustworthy VPS supplier first, good luck!

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