Startup With Reseller Hosting Business – Is It Difficult

Reseller hosting is known as one of the popular web hosting types today. From a certain agency account, it can create smaller hosting accounts for end users. These agents will buy Reseller accounts from vendors and then sell them to customers to make a profit. A certain part of bandwidth and hard drive space is shared to the end users. If agents need to use a large number of resources, they can rent virtual servers, dedicate servers from companies, hosting providers to serve their customers in the best way.

Startup With Reseller Hosting Business – Is It Difficult

You can find different examples of reseller hosting such as a web developer, web Design Company and so on. Reseller hosting is also considered as a cost-saving solution for new companies. Most reseller hosting can create their own services and the cost of such services (create hosting packages with individual parameters, not identical with anyone). In some situations, the reseller can set up their own brand through dashboard and server.

Reseller hosting can be considered as the relationship between the sellers and the buyers. Web hosting companies for resellers to rent resources on their servers, which will distribute these resources to customers under one price of their own.

Hosting Reseller – Easy Or Difficult?

There are a lot of IT companies doing business in hosting. By becoming a professional hosting provider, you will need large amounts of finance and advanced infrastructure so they are essentially signing up for hosting resellers for large providers. Being a reseller hosting is not too difficult, but for business to be effective is not easy and many companies are born and then closed for the following reasons:

Do not study carefully

When you become a hosting reseller, you need to research the hosting company and have the confidence to make sure the company’s service is not subject to frequent downtime. Research companies to know which company has the best service for your business needs. Visit forums and find out how to attract customers, use billing systems and so on.

Unprofessional and uncompleted sales website

This is an unexpectedly common mistake of companies when starting to do hosting reseller. With errors such as unprofessional design, lexical errors, broken links, unspoken corporate content, hard to find contact information, etc., no one wants to register your service.

Spending too much money on the start of the company

It is not necessary to start with the company using a dedicated server using a large service pack. Start small, use small packages until you break even, small reseller hosting packages will cost less and work. You do not have to spend too much money on services that your company does not need. When there are only a few customers, only simple transaction, and payment forms. As the number of customers increases, you may need your own account and billing system.

Try to compete with the big hosting companies

You can not compete on the bandwidth or hard disk space that big companies offer customers. Instead, focus on the middle class and target your small market. Customers will not choose the cheapest hosting or bandwidth or hard disk space but rather a good hosting that suits their specific needs and they have many ways of dealing with the problem.

Inactive forums

You create forums about the hosting support and sales on the website but do not post any article so that these forums can be active. This creates negative feelings for potential customers about your company. You should post daily with special news and just let the customer see that information by creating windows in the forum only when they are your customers. If you leave lock mode, remember to instruct them how to register as a member in the general forum and explain why the forum is only for customers.

Unregistered with free online directories

Your company is new, customers can only subscribe to your service when they can find you. A simple and inexpensive way is to register your company on the directories you find. This can change the traffic to your website and some people can become your customers.

Quick giving up

Reselling is a long-term investment. Once you provide good service, your customers will gradually increase. During operation, there may be times to go down but not the end. In the general context, your company is not going down much. Customers can complain but everything will be fine in the long run. So be patient. This is a very developing industry and will continue to develop further.

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