Strengths And Weaknesses Of Cloud Windows Hosting

Many people judge that Cloud Windows Hosting is not as good as Linux, but these are completely wrong because this type of hosting has many strengths that the competition does not have.Hosting has become an extremely popular service nowadays due to the growing demand for website hosting. If using hosting to host the web, the two operating systems Windows and Linux are the most used.The majority of people who have used these two types of operating system review that Windows hosting is not as good as Linux, even neither is Cloud Windows Hosting. This comment was made by a large number of users, so the reliability was high, but it was not exactly accurate because they did not fully evaluate the strengths and benefits that Hosting as well as Cloud Windows Hosting bring.

Strengths and weaknesses of Cloud Windows Hosting

Cloud Windows Hosting Has Many Unique Advantages

Cloud Hosting Windows is essentially the hosting of the Windows operating system operating on the cloud computing – the most used technology today and the trend of the future.

Windows hosting services for websites built in .net such as or However, you can still find Linux hosting that support Mono for running .net. However, it will not be as good as Windows hosting.

Cloud Hosting Linux is similar to Cloud Hosting Windows, but Linux supports PHP, Pear, Python, and MySQL database management. As mentioned above, the Linux host also runs for the .net programming language if Mono is supported. But once your database is built on Access, you can only use Windows Hosting.

The Strengths, Weaknesses Of Cloud Hosting Windows


  • The first advantage of Cloud Windows Hosting is extremely good support for websites that are programmed by languages like, Therefore, whose websites using these languages, Cloud Windows Hosting is extremely a powerful and amazing tool.
  • If your website uses Access database management system, then Windows hosting is the only choice. With MSSQL it can be used on both Windows and Linux, but you should choose Windows as it is better supported than Linux.
  • Using Cloud Windows Hosting will be offered many proprietary applications that can not be found in Linux hosting.
  • Windows Hosting and Cloud Hosting can handle all features when the application is software created by Microsoft.

We can affirm that Cloud Hosting Windows is not inferior to Linux Hosting at all. It has its own strength and is suitable for the needs of a large number of users.


Both traditional hosting and Windows Hosting are more expensive than Linux. Windows Hosting users often spend more budgets because of the requirements of Microsoft’s mandatory license, while Linux is opened and free source, so users do not have to spend too much on it.

  • Hosting Linux users can easily switch to Windows, but it is very difficult for Windows to do the same thing.
  • Many users think that Windows Hosting has more errors than Linux, but that’s not true. Both types have the same number of errors, but Linux fixes faster thanks to open source and Windows has to wait for a service pack that patches are usually only 1 year in a row. So we can temporarily consider this point as a weakness of Windows Hosting.

When Should You Use Cloud Windows Hosting?

After analyzing the strengths of Windows Hosting as well as Cloud Windows Hosting, we can see that this type of hosting should be used when the website is programmed in. NET language and the database management systems Access and MSSQL. In addition, you can also use Cloud Windows Hosting if you want to use the exclusive features that Microsoft offers.

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