The Best Free Hosting Services For WordPress In 2018

If you are looking for hosting, the free hosting registration is essential as it will save you money and improve your experience in the process. There are many free hosting providers with very good parameters for you to use, this article will summarize the best free hosting services for WordPress in 2018.The Best Free Hosting Services For WordPress In 2018

1. OpenShift

OpenShift is a cloud computing service from Red Hat that provides a free Cloud Hosting service for you to use as a full-featured VPS.

To use OpenShift’s Cloud Hosting, you need some knowledge of Linux and SSH software such as Putty and WinSCP. Do not worry, there are lots of tutorials on OpenShift hosting available on the web.

2. ByetHost

ByetHost is a free hosting service that has a long history with many advantages such as intuitive management interface is easy to use, no ads. But the first day of hosting is registered at ByetHost, now it is still a good choice for those who want to register free hosting.

3. 000webhost

Established a long time ago (2007 to present) and 000webhost days, they are one of the leading free hosting providers in the world. The quality of 000webhost is good, I have used it and no problems arise.

4. AwardSpace

AwardSpace is a leading free hosting provider with 10 experience with many advantages but good speed, no ads, easy to use interface. Although the size here is quite low with only 0.25GB so if you have the heavier code then choose other services.

5. Freehostia

Like AwardSpace, Freehostia only supports free hosting with 250MB of capacity but in return, the speed of this provider to Vietnam is quite good. This is a good option for those who want to register for free hosting to use.

 Final Words

Some names listed above are what you can trust and choose for your WordPress. Before making your decision, do not forget to consider your needs and budget to choose the correct hosting services. Good luck!

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