The Causes Businesses Fail With ERP Software

Using ERP software solution to develop corporate governance is no stranger to the nowadays market. Companies choose to implement this project with the expectation of better management, standardization of frameworks as well as the ability of management to make accurate decisions about personnel and related issues. But the paradox is that not all companies are successful with the ERP project. Please read the detailed article below to help you identify the most common causes and thereby improve the project in a better way.

The causes businesses fail with ERP software

Determine The Target

According to researchers and statistics, more than 30% of companies have implemented ERP projects but the results are not as expected, 8 out of 10 projects failed. This comes from the unsuitable measure of success, when investors do not place full trust in the supplier, leading to conflicting and unsuccessful indexes of success.

Project Scope

ERP vendors often offer attractive business invitations, which will highlight all of the features of the business. However, this may affect the scope of the control, causing the project to become too large, time-consuming for the provider to adjust, weighing every little detail when deploying.


To measure whether the ERP project is really successful or not is also related to the communication factor. Companies that use the media effectively will help the parties know the project well, can coordinate and link closely to create a successful overall. If the communication is not effective, the company will lose large costs, not only that it creates a loose coordination, money disability.

Project management

In order to be able to manage ERP to avoid potential internal risks, the administrator must be able to cover as well as experience to coordinate. This job will usually be done by a chief accountant or IT manager.

The Bottom Line

These points are what you should consider when deploying an ERP project. If you want to be successful with ERP, it is necessary to understand thoroughly about this system as well as the above suggestions.  Good luck

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