The Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

Just as the saying “Everything has two sides of it,” artificial intelligence also includes good and bad sides, strengths and weaknesses that exist simultaneously in parallel. However, artificial intelligence is used to help people or to harm people depending on the designer of the artificial intelligence system.

The Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

In the research report, experts look at cases of use of artificial intelligence with the aim of being present and possible future and divide into three groups:

1. Digital problems

– Phishing: Taking advantage of artificial intelligence products to create fake emails, websites, and links for the purpose of stealing information.

– Hack: using artificial intelligence while exploiting vulnerabilities of applications, software.

– Deceive the AI system: by taking advantage of system errors and changing the design in the system.

2. Physical problems

Terrorism: Use commercial unmanned aerial vehicles and other unmanned aerial vehicles as weapons.

– Robot swarm: This is the simultaneous activation of the robot to control the same target.

– Remote attack: This can be done by self-controlled robots that are not controlled by distance.

3. Political problems

– Spread the culture, work, goods, prohibit: by taking advantage of artificial intelligence to create fake videos, images.

– Eliminate dissent: with the information, articles, images, against the opinion of a person, that person can take advantage of AI to find and remove the information.

– Persuasion: Collect, process, and use information that is intended to persuade one or more specific target groups.

By identifying the harmful effects of artificial intelligence, experts also offer solutions that can be used with these problems, but this is also a warning for the results of artificial intelligence in the future.


In the past, artificial intelligence has always been a matter of interest from many people from many fields. However, artificial intelligence does not clearly show the success, its benefits to people. On the contrary, it increasingly shows the shortcomings and the potential harm to people. To perceive such things, artificial intelligence experts have come up with the detriment of such artificial intelligence not only as a warning to the future of artificial intelligence but also as a kimchi male leads the way for artificial intelligence researchers to find the pathway to artificial intelligence as well as to prevent the use of artificial intelligence for malicious purposes.

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