Top 3 Cheap VPS Services You Should Consider

At present, the demand for VPS is increasing, as technology becomes better, services and infrastructure are better and cheaper.And the criteria we set for this review article are cheap, stable, and above all incredibly supportive. More importantly, the writer has been using the services listed in the article.

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1, Vultr

This can be considered as the best VPS provider in the cheap segment, charging under hourly usage and the cheapest package of this service is $ 2.5 per month. Some of the packages are more expensive than the general market. But we should pay attention to the quality of this service as follows:

CPU is very strong, although I do not know what Vultr they provide CPU for VPS what type. But use yourself and experience yourself despite using the CPU limit continuously VPS is still running well without latching or locked VPS.

For the $ 5 package, you will be offered 1Gb of RAM instead of just 512mb of RAM as the other vendors, which is pretty good for those of you over the 512mb RAM limit but still want to keep the money that you spend the month.

Support various Local, from Europe, USA, Asia. Very suitable for you to develop many websites in different locations.

The support system is very good, support will almost answer your ticket right but you have to use English, I am or play google translate and they still understand.

The snapshots at the Vultr are free and they do not charge for this function as other providers.

Give 50GB of additional hard drive space if you use VPS at Local NY, NJ.

There is also the option of installing an operating system with a separate ISO, which is fine for anyone who wants to customize their operating system for easy administration, security and more. Install Windows on the $ 5 package using the tools.

There are always promotional offers.

With these advantages, Vultr deserves to be the leading foreign VPS provider in the cheap range that you should be using. Personally, I have used quite a lot of this VPS to build the optimal satellite system for SEO. And also configure a lot of Windows VPS to plug in Tools.

2, Digital Ocean

The next service I want to talk about is the familiar name of Digital Ocean. This is also the service I consider the best for me before I met Vultr.

The advantages that Digital Ocean has are as follows:

  • Also in the segment of cheap so Digital Ocean has many options for users with prices ranging from $ 5 to $ 10 that you have a VPS to run a lot of websites with moderate traffic already.
  • Support various local from Europe, the USA to Asia but not much as Vultr.
  • Support very fast with Ticket.
  • And most of the features are similar to Vultr.

With these advantages, why not choose Vultr for fast? Will you think so? Personally, I think Digital Ocean used to run the website is still more stable, suitable for anyone you want your website to run stable, I sometimes have problems with Vultr but they never happen when I use Digital Ocean.

3, GreenCloud VPS

A VPS purchase service running tools that I have used for 4 years with many different packages. The reason for choosing this provider is for the following reasons.

  • Provides various VPS packages with servers located in Europe, America.
  • Price is not the cheapest but go with the quality is very good with always have discount codes.
  • VPS runs very strong, I use the tool all year but never happened any problems.
  • Supports a wide variety of VPS Window as well as Linux.

If you regularly follow your blog, you will find yourself mentioning GreenCloud VPS so much so in this article I will not talk more. You can refer to the following article for more.

GreenCloudVPS Great promotion for users. Some notes when using Max-Social & VPS running stable. Access to Green Cloud VPS In addition to these services can use VPS in other services? This is entirely possible, in this article I just listed the services that I experienced and use after a long time studying and research. This article will help you consider and select a cheap VPS, run stable and save your time and effort.

Besides These Services Can VPS Be Used In Other Services?

This is entirely possible, in this article I just listed the services that I experienced and use after a long time studying and research. This article will help you consider and select a cheap VPS, stable running save your work and time.


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