Top 4 Cheapest And Best VPS Services In 2018

The need for VPS never diminishes as vendors continue to offer attractive promotions. So, there are many cheap VPS providers for you to choose from. For you to avoid losing money by unscrupulous VPS providers, I will list 4 cheap VPS providers with unquestionable quality.

4 Secure Cloud Computing Companies

1. Vultr

Vultr is also known as a high quality, affordable VPS supplier. MMO people like this provider because they have VPS Window (for upload/download, software hangers …).

For people to do web, Vultr is a great provider because they launch promotions very often as double the amount of money or donate $ 25 free to use in a very attractive year.

For only $ 2.5, you have 1GB of VPS, 512MB of RAM, 20GB of SSD, 500GB of bandwidth with SSD for faster access. This is one of the cheap VPS services that you should use.

2. Linode

Linode is a very old VPS service with nearly 14 years of experience, this is a world-renowned VPS provider of good quality and excellent support team.

Not so long ago Linode suddenly doubled the RAM for the entire VPS but prices have not changed. This is a good signal for people to make the web experience high-quality cheap VPS here.

With $ 5 you could own 1 VPS including 1TB Bandwidth, 1GB RAM, 1CPU and 20GB SSD. Linode also has many locations for you to choose, especially Singapore and Japan for the best speed in Vietnam.

3. DigitalOcean

Referring to Vultr, you have to think of a well known low-cost VPS service, DigitalOcean – a longtime VPS provider that is popular with the masses.

There are not many promotions like Vultr but this is also a worthwhile VPS service, I have used VPS here for 2 years in a row. During the time of use, there is no problem promoting yourself to be frustrated.

The price of DigitalOcean is pretty cheap at only $ 5 you are able to own VPS package including 1CPU, 20GB SSD, 512MB RAM and 500GB Bandwidth.

You can view the detailed DigitalOcean VPS review if you want to learn more about this provider. Do not forget to choose Singapore location to speed up the peak.

4. RamNode

The last name in this list is RamNode – a famous name in the village of VPS high quality.

RamNode offers two types of VPS, KVM, and OpenVZ, which are quite cheap. With $ 3.5 you will own a VPS package with 1GB RAM, 1CPU, 40GB SSD and 1TB Bandwidth.

The Last Thing

From here I have synthesized four best quality VPS providers for you to choose from. Please choose for yourself a VPS service which is most suitable for long-term needs but must match your pocket!

Good luck!!!

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