Top 5 Best File Recovery Software

Nowadays, there are many free file recovery programs available for you to recover accidentally deleted files. These programs can help you to recover files on your computer. Deleted files usually remain on your hard drive can be recovered quickly with free data recovery software. In this post, I will introduce the top 5 free data recovery tools that you should not ignore!

Top 5 Best File Recovery Software

1. Recuva Data Recovery Software

Recuva is known as one of the best free data recovery software on the market nowadays. This software is not difficult to use. Not just that, it has many advanced features options that can satisfy all of the users’ requirements. Recuva is able to recover different files from memory card, external drive, hard drive, DVD, BD, and CD.

2. Puran File Recovery Software

Puran File Recovery is also one of the best free file recovery programs in the world nowadays. This program is used popularly because of its ease of use as well as many advanced options. When compared to other tools, it can be said that Puran File Recovery can identify more lost files on your computer.

3. Data recovery software Disk Drill

Disk Drill is one of a great free data recovery software because of its amazing features and the simple design. It is the fact that Disk Drill can recover data from different devices such as memory cards, USB devices, external hard drives and internal hard drives and iPods.

4. Glary Undelete Data Recovery Software

When it comes to file recovery software, we cannot ignore Glary Undelete It is also known as a perfect file recovery program. This software is extremely simple and easy to use with a friendly interface. It can restore files from hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, etc. It can work well on Windows 7, Vista and XP, Windows 10, Windows 8 and so on.

5. SoftPerfect File Recovery software

SoftPerfect File Recovery is also an excellent choice for those who are dealing with lost and deleted files on the computer. This software is relatively simple, portable and easy to use. SoftPerfect File Recovery will restore files from your memory card, hard drive, and other storage devices.

Final Words

The list outlined above provides you to top effective file recovery software on the market today. Hope that you can find out the most suitable one and can overcome the problems of lost files successfully. Good luck!

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