What Are The Advantages Of Godaddy Hosting

Godaddy – this famous name is not too strange to us when referring to the hosting service and domain. If you want to own the website which is as cheap as possible, Godaddy is a reason not to be missed. The price is cheap but the quality is still stable. I also used the service Godaddy and know a little bit about this vendor. Hence, this article will introduce some advantages of GoDaddy hosting that you should know for your reference.

What Are The Advantages Of Godaddy Hosting

Low price

Perhaps this is probably the biggest advantage and worth mentioning first of all about the merits of the Godaddy service. Normally the cost of the cheapest hosting package is from $ 7.99 per month, sometimes they offer 50% discount coupons for long service, just $ 3.99 per month. But surprisingly, the current price is only $ 1 / month (not equal to a cup of coffee is), and you are also free domain name in a year.

You will probably assume that, because there are no customers to use so they promotions, discounts. That’s not true. Godaddy is the largest domain name service in the world. However, with the outstanding development, they quickly opened more hosting services to facilitate the storage and configuration for users. The reason they always create promotions to experience the evaluation of users, moreover, the price here is cheap in the first year, from the second year it will return to the base price.

Bandwidth is unlimited

When you buy hosting package $ 1 per month, you will be able to own the Share Host service at Godaddy. Most of the Hosted Share Hosts we often see advertised as unlimited bandwidth, which is really not exactly know, many times your website will die suddenly when the traffic to the site is too large.

However, unlike other hosting services, you will not have to spend extra money to upgrade your service or increase the traffic limit for your website. Simply when the traffic is large, your website will load longer or be overloaded. Generally, when you start, you should use GoDaddy to get some knowledge, as a start to later move to another package higher and more appropriate.

The automatic WordPress installer

Of course, most of the hosting control panels now allow you to do this, you only take about 5 minutes to complete the installation of a WordPress website. Is this so great? Especially Godaddy has a dedicated hosting package for WordPress with high stability, security. You will not have to struggle with the manual operation of installing WordPress on the website, now everything is automatic.

Good security

For GoDaddy, security is a high priority. The security issue is related to the whole system of the website, nobody wants to own a service that can easily be dos, hacked.

With the experience of a company with a long history and reputation, they have a lot of technology to block spam and hackers. Recently, they have acquired Sucuri and Sitelock – the two major companies in the world of website security. So you can rest assured completely. Godaddy also integrates many security functions for websites in the management console such as: Allows creating SSH to connect to the website. Encrypt files, folders with GnuPG. Protect your folders with passwords. Block user IP address. Advanced SSL security.

Easy to manage

Are you looking for and aspiring MMO enthusiasts, you know the Internet today can generate huge income, it is likely to be secret for you. Join the Facebook community with more than 60,000 members to share opportunities, support and make money online in the 4.0 technology era. OK! Godaddy is a very simple, user-friendly domain manager that will be easy to set up, configure and have. Can complete website in the fastest time.

Support is good and fast.

Whenever there is a problem or error in the process, they are always available to receive feedback, or support requests from you. Attitude and professional responsibility. Many customers evaluate professional support team reports. Well, Godaddy has a 24/7 telephone number.

Have good stability

Have to say that impressed with 99.93%. GoDaddy has a lifetime warranty of up to 99.93%. Compared with the price of the service providers, this is the best service, ensuring your website operates 24/24.

The Bottom Line

We can say that GoDaddy is an ideal choice for those have a limited budget but still want to get the high quality. With these advantages, it is certain that you will eager to try this hosting service now. Don’t be hesitant, let’s try and enjoy!

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