What Are The Most Cost-Effective And Best VPS Hosting Services

I have used a lot of VPS from different providers in the world. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to the most effective and best VPS hosting services, it will be a mistake if you do not choose one of the following VPS supplier!

What Are The Most Cost-Effective And Best VPS Hosting Services

1, Vultr

Vultr is a VPS hosting service in 2014. The financial strength is relatively strong. Now there are 14 computer rooms, which are very cost-effective. Currently, the cheapest package is 512MB memory, 1CPU, 500GB monthly traffic, 20G SDD service. Services generally require at least $10 for other VPS merchants, but Vultr is only $2.50 a month.

The computer room covers some of the world’s major cities, you can quickly build the server you want, the computer room options are: Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore.

It is generally recommended that you choose a computer room in Los Angeles or Chicago. The computer rooms in Tokyo and Singapore are very fast during the day, but it is easy to lose packets at night. ,

Vultr is billed according to the time of use. If you bought a $2.5 package, but it has not been used, then congratulations, you can continue to use it next month.

2, Bricklayer

Nowadays, this provider is very famous in VPS. The reason is nothing but cost-effective VPS. There are quite a few people who use it to build ss. It provides one-click installation which is very convenient.


The cheapest thing to move the Bricklayer is the monthly average of 4.99 knives. The annual payment will be much cheaper. The hard disk is 10G, the monthly flow is 500GB, and the annual price is $29.9

3, DigitalOcean

This is also a US cloud computing architecture service provider, established in 2012, is a relatively new service provider, but the use of word of mouth has been very good, using the KVM architecture, the minimum memory of 512M, the cheapest package of $5.

Currently owning the San Francisco, New York, London, Amsterdam, Singapore computer room, this is not recommended to start the Singapore computer room, many people will think that Singapore is close to China, it will be faster, but not. On the contrary, the San Francisco computer room has been good. I have always been able to use stability and access speed, and 99% online rate can be guaranteed.

Individuals can choose 512MB memory, 20GB SSD, 1T traffic, $5 per month. If you are not satisfied with the selected computer room, you can change the computer room at any time.

4, Linode

Linode VPS service provider I love and hate, Linode was the first choice for everyone to buy VPS, the fighter in the cock, but unfortunately many people in the back poured into the purchase, but the speed is getting slower and slower. However, Linode has also done several optimizations in time, and the overall situation is still very good.

Linode currently offers six computer room options in the United States, London, Singapore, Singapore, Tokyo, and Frankfurt, Germany. Japanese machine rooms and Singapore computer rooms, the speed of domestic visits is very fast, it is recommended to try,

At present, the Linode package is the cheapest for $10 a month. When you occasionally engage in activities, it will be launched for $5 a month. It is recommended that you look at Black Friday or Double Eleven.

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